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99% of the candidates get an interview only once! - Don't waste it.

GPT-4 based

Personalized Research - backed Questions

Best of Placements & High stake Job - search

Unlimited Interview Practice for best preparations

24 hours Delivery Time

Subscribe minimum 14 days before interview for best preparation 

Choose your pricing plan

  • Starter Kit

    Perfect for those just beginning their job search, the Essential Path provides fundamental resources to help you get started.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Tailored for GPT 3.5, Claude Sonnet 3.5 or Google Gemini
    • 3 Custom HJ Job Interview GPTs delivered in 24 hrs
    • Free ATS friendly Resume Builder
  • Best Value

    Silver Plan: Job Search Pro

    The Pro Path is designed for serious job seekers who want a more personalized interview preparation experience, including access to advanced tools and resources.
    • Best suited for Chat GPT 4o
    • 5 HJ voice-based custom job interview GPTs per month
    • Free ATS - friendly Job Resume
    • Personalized AI Based feedback on interview performance
    • 24X7 Community support access
    • Unlimited revisions
  • Gold Plan : Best for Placement season

    The Elite Path offers comprehensive preparation for those aiming for top-tier positions in their placement journey , providing extensive resources and up to 10 custom interview GPTs.
    • 10 custom HJ job interview GPTs per month
    • Free ATS - friendly Resume builder
    • Personalized AI-based unbiased feedback
    • Access to exclusive resources and expert advice
    • Priority Customer Support
    • 1-1 Interview mentorship from Industry Expert
  • Institutional Plan

    The Institutional Path is tailored for educational institutions and large organizations, offering extensive customization and scalability for placement and training needs.
    Valid for one year
    • Up-to 50 custom voice - based GPTs
    • Multiple custom job interview GPTs tailored for various role
    • Comprehensive analytics and reporting tools
    • Dedicated account manager
    • 24X7 Priority customer support
    • Custom Plan Available
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